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About Us

Fear the River Poker League

About Our League

Fear The River Poker League was created April 19, 2020 with the concept of offering recreational poker players a safe and secure place to play Poker online. We pride ourselves in offering action 24/7 no matter if you are a Tourney Player or have 15 minutes of free time and want to play a few hands; we have you covered. See for yourself and join the FTR Family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most asked questions we see. Have a question about something else not listed here? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime!

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What is Anti-Bot Software?

This is very important.  A new security has been added to help prevent from automated software (bots) from gaining access to the tables and getting an upper hand.

Randomly while at a table, you will now be required to align the picture up and down before you will be able to continue playing.  It might take you a few tries to get the hang of it but don’t get discouraged.  This new system is put in place for your protection.  Just slide the bar under the picture back and forth till you are able to align it correctly. Release finger from slide bar before time runs out to return to the table.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck at the tables.

How do Satellite Tourneys Work?

If you are wanting to play a big Buyin Tourney but don’t want to pay the Buyin for those tourneys, there are Satellite Tourneys you can play to win a ticket (free admission) to the larger Buyin tourneys.

Make sure before you register for a Sat that you know what that Sat leads to if you win a ticket. Read Tourney info and look at Prize Tab to know. Most Sat Tourneys will finish within a few hours of the next Step or Main Event.


1 Chip Buyin Sat (Step 1)- Prize is 6 Chip Ticket

  • If you place high enough to win ticket, the app will automatically enter you in the next Step which will be a 6 Chip Buyin

6 Chip Buyin Sat (Step 2)- Prize is 40 Chip Ticket

  • If you place high enough to win ticket, the app will automatically enter you in the next Step which will be a 40 Chip Buyin

Main Event- 40 Chip Buyin- Prize Pool 40k GTD

You do not have to play each Step. You can skip Step 1 and just play Step 2 for 6 Chips to win a 40 Chip Ticket.

Keep in mind that if you win Ticket, it has to be used on the next Step of that series leading to the Main event.  You can not win a ticket today and use it tomorrow. So plan accordingly. Not all Sat series have multiple steps.  There may just be a Step 1 then Main Event.

How do the Leaderboard Tourney Points Work?

Every time you play a tourney that had a 🏅 in the description, you get points not only for registering in it but also when you place in the tourney.  The higher you place, the more points you accrue. At the end of each month, if you are in the top 15% of points in the Union, you get special access to Freeroll Tourneys that no matter what you place in the Freeroll, you win chips.

How do I Know How Many Points I Have or How I Stand Against Everyone Else?

You can view your points anytime on this Google Doc. Just click on button below. Points are updated every few days.

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Our highly-active, responsive community is available to join both on the Telegram Messenger App and our private Facebook Group. Request to join today to become part of the Fear the River Poker Community!